Why is Vitamin D Testing Important?

Vitamin D plays a crucial role in growth, development, and the metabolism of calcium and phosphorus. It acts on the intestine, bones, and kidneys to maintain an adequate level of these minerals in the blood. Its actions are essential for bone and cartilage mineralization, muscle contraction, and the transmission of neuronal signals.

That’s why it’s crucial for pets to consume a balanced diet to meet their Vitamin D needs. A deficiency in this vitamin can lead to bone decalcification and an increased risk of long bone fractures. Conversely, an excess of Vitamin D can cause various musculoskeletal alterations, jaw deformities, and teeth issues in growing animals, as well as excessive calcification in soft tissues.

Historically, dogs obtained Vitamin D from the fat deposits of their hunting prey, but in recent times, most pets consume commercial dog foods. A study conducted by Tufts University analyzed 320 dogs and 40 different brands of dog food, evaluating the amount of Vitamin D absorbed and metabolized by the dogs. The results indicated that 75% of the tested dogs had insufficient Vitamin D levels in their blood.

The Vitamin D Test for Dogs allows you to determine if your canine friend has healthy levels of this vitamin in their blood. This test can help establish, with your veterinarian, the necessary dietary changes or supplementation to improve and maintain your pet’s health by correcting Vitamin D levels.

Take Action – Supplementation and Follow-up Vitamin D Test for Dogs

When interpreting the results of your dog’s Vitamin D test, it’s crucial to take action if a deficiency is detected. In such cases, we recommend a retest after 8-10 weeks, providing sufficient time for the body to reach equilibrium. This period allows for any corrective measures, such as dietary adjustments or supplementation, to take effect. It’s essential to note that retesting should occur 8-10 weeks after the commencement of any supplementation, ensuring an accurate assessment of your dog’s Vitamin D levels.

For dogs whose Vitamin D levels are within the optimal range, there’s no need for immediate retesting. However, responsible pet care involves periodic check-ups. Therefore, we advise pet owners to consider annual retests or when specific conditions arise, such as significant changes in diet, alterations in health status, or any other factors that may impact Vitamin D levels. This proactive approach ensures that your dog’s health remains a top priority, allowing you to stay one step ahead in providing the care they deserve.

Sample Collection

This test requires a serum blood draw. Therefore the sample must only be collected by a veterinarian.


  • Instructions for the Pet Owner
  1. When you receive the kit, do not unwrap it. Make an appointment with your veterinarian to perform the serum blood draw.
  2. On the day of sampling, an 8-hour fast is recommended for your pet. Go to your veterinarian with your pet and bring the unopened kit with you.


  • Instructions for the Veterinary Staff
  1. Open the packaging (kit), read and carefully follow the detailed instructions for the serum blood draw included in the kit.
  2. Fill in the requisition form with the information provided by the pet owner.


Important note: The Dry Serum Sample Collection kit can only be used by a veterinarian, this is a mandatory condition for sample collection. Once you receive the kit, you must make an appointment with your local veterinarian and bring the Dry Serum Sample Collection kit to have your dog’s sample taken. Full sample collection instructions for the veterinarian and the requisition form are included in the kit.

Your pet does not need to fast for sample collection, and there is no indication that treatments with antihistamines or glucocorticoids will interfere with the test results.


Results of the Vitamin D Test for Dogs

The results of the Vitamin D Test for Dogs consist of a comprehensive report containing a graphical representation of the Vitamin D values with colored flags, including historical values; also the total recommended dosage, indicating changes in dosage when appropriate, as well as the recommendation of an effective and safe Vitamin D supplement to meet the patient’s needs with its respective conversion of the indicated dosage.

In summary, the results report contains valuable information for veterinarians, breeders and dog parents that will help them to correct Vitamin D values and improve the health of their beloved dogs.

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If you have any questions about the Vitamin D Test for Dogs for your canine friend, please do not hesitate to Contact our Customer Service Team who will be happy to help you.


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