Sibling DNA Test

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Are you really siblings? Do you share the same parents? Siblings DNA testing is ideal in situations where alleged siblings (brothers and sisters) want to confirm their biological relationship and verify if they are full siblings, half siblings or not siblings at all.

Twins Test

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EasyDNA offers DNA testing for twins that can determine if twin siblings are identical or non-identical. So are you monozygotic twins or dizygotic twins? EasyDNA Canada will provide you with 100% accurate results.

Grandparentage Test

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Are you the grandparents of your grandchild or grandchildren? A grandparentage DNA test using samples from the grandmother, grandfather and grandchild, can confirm with accuracy whether grandparents are biologically related to their grandchild.

Aunt & Uncle Test

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An aunt-uncle DNA test (also called an avuncular test) assesses whether an individual is the biological aunt or uncle of their niece or nephew. The results will show the probability of relationship between the people tested.

Mitochondrial DNA Test

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Do you need to find out if you share a common maternal ancestor? If this is your case, an MtDNA test is the right test for you. MtDNA testing (mitochondrial DNA testing) is used to determine whether two or more people have a common maternal lineage.

Y Chromosome Test

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A Y chromosome test is the ideal test to confirm a shared patrilineal (paternal) line between male relatives. The Y chromosome is inherited only by males and test results will provide you with the clear cut answer you need. Once the DNA samples are at the laboratory, you will receive your comprehensive DNA analysis report in 5-7 working days.

Genetic Reconstruction Test

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A genetic reconstruction test is designed to establish if a child is biologically related to direct blood relatives on their father’s side of the family. The test is performed when the father in question cannot be directly involved in the test and a direct father-child paternity test cannot be carried out.

Maternity Test

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DNA maternity tests are used to establish biological relationships between an alleged mother and a child. All we need are oral swab samples. The results guarantee minimum probabilities in excess of 99.99%+ for inclusion of maternity and 100% for exclusion leaving zero doubts.


What is a sibling test?
What is an X test and a Y Test?
How do we establish whether we have the same mother?
Can you suggest some further reading?

What is a sibling test?

A DNA sibling test is recommended in cases where alleged siblings wish to confirm their biological relationship. A siblings test can carried out without the DNA sample of the known parent if, prior to testing, the siblings know they are definitely half siblings. In cases where siblings want to determine whether they are half-siblings, the sample of the known parent/s (this is normally the Mother) is highly recommend to strengthen the result of the test.

What is an X test and a Y Test?

An X chromosome test and a Y chromosome test (sometimes called a X test and a Y test) are types of sibling DNA tests used when individuals want to establish if they have a common biological parent. Which one of these tests you carry out depends on the sex of the test participants and what you wish to find out.

If siblings are male, and want to determine if they share the same father, we recommend doing a Y chromosome test.

To know more about this test, visit our Y chromosome testing page.

If siblings are female, have different mothers, and want find out if they have same father then they can do an X chromosome test. Please note that EasyDNA does not currently offer X chromosome testing.

How do we establish whether we have the same mother?

For siblings (of any sex) who wish to know whether they have a common maternal lineage, we offer the mitochondrial DNA test. If two individuals want to know if they share the same mother, they would ideally provide us with the mother’s sample. This would enable us to carry out a maternity test. Browse our mtDNA testing page for further details.

Can you suggest some further reading?

STR Testing Methodology – This explains how short tandem repeat testing is performed.

How to interpret the result of your DNA Relationship test – This will help you learn a bit more about your relationship test results.



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