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"I just want to thank you for delivering the results on time and your excellent service! I would definitely recommend this DNA testing company to my family and friends." ✪✪✪✪✪ Liam, 30th May 2023

EasyDNA is your DNA testing provider which offers locally based services through office in Toronto, with a team of trained professionals to assist you with all of your testing requirements. We offer affordable DNA testing carried out through a partner laboratory that is internationally accredited and certified; this means that your results will reflect the highest levels of scientific accuracy. Why choose us over a cheaper or inferior company? Thanks to our vast experience and wide range of testing services, there are no relationship queries that we cannot answer. Home Paternity testing starts at just $199. There are NO EXTRA FEES. The results offers the man tested up to a 99.999+% probability that he is the biological father and 100% exclusion should he not be the father, so your peace of mind is guaranteed. Whilst some other companies test only 16 markers, we test 21 genetic markers for your total assurance and peace of mind. Kindly note that visits are by appointment only.

Why Choose Us

You can trust us to provide you with the most accurate results possible. EasyDNA laboratories are accredited to the highest global standards. Our customer care team is available to help you by telephone, email, live chat and also through our social networking sites. We are a truly international company offering our tests globally through our network of offices in over 25 countries. EasyDNA ensures your results are ready in the shortest turnaround time without any delays, we strive to make the experience as stress free as possible. We also offer our clients a special optional home sample collection service through our network of approved samplers.

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easyDNA has laboratory certificates and accreditations

How It Works




21 Loci Tested

To us, it’s more than just offering you a service and quality is not just a word that we use. We strive to achieve excellence and reach beyond your expectations.


Put your mind at rest. Your results will be accurate. All your testing will be performed to the highest level of international testing.

Customer care

We are here for you. Our customer care team is ready to respond to all your queries promptly, professionally, and sympathetically.

EasyDNA Supports

Our Paternity Tests

With a paternity test you can clear all your doubts. Paternity testing is a sensitive issue with all of our clients, and we ensure that we keep this process smooth and simple. The accuracy of our tests will make it possible for you to rest assured in knowing that you have received an accurate result. Additionally, we also offer a range of paternity tests. Our home paternity test is the first step that we suggest – discrete, quick and anonymous; this test is the first test to take should you wish to clear any doubt that you may have about the paternity of the child in question. We also offer legal testing and DNA profiles for those clients who may be involved in more complex legal scenarios; for instance, find themselves in court over issues of child custody, changing the name of the birth certificate of the child, child support, and other such legal issues. easyDNA also offers a cutting edge non-invasive prenatal paternity test which is 100% safe, meaning there are no risks whatsoever for the mother and child.

Our Relationship Tests

Should you have any type of relationship query, no matter how complex, we can help. Our portfolio of relationship tests is complete; we also offer testing between brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles with their nieces or nephews, and so on. Our tests include relationship tests, twin DNA testing, forensic DNA testing, ancestry test, genetic predisposition test and gender prediction testing. Our advanced DNA testing technology even means that we can recreate the profile of the missing, untested alleged father. We just need to know the information that you would like to know, and we will recommend to you the best test that you can carry out. Although most of our clients send us oral swab samples, you can actually send us a whole range of samples including but not limited to blood samples, hairs, and toothbrushes – this means that you can carry out testing in a more discrete way using the sample that is most convenient for you. Tell us which samples you will use when you order your kit.

We are Focused on Innovation

Our tests are performed in our internationally accredited laboratory to guarantee accurate results. Additionally, we follow internationally endorsed standards and must adhere to a formal process for ongoing evaluation. Laboratories must show consistency at every stage and with every test we carry out – yours is no exception. We are also well aware of just how stressful opting to take a DNA testing can be so we ensure that you will receive your results in the shortest time possible. Usually, within 3-5 working days from the receipt of the DNA samples at our office, you will receive your results through your e-mail address. If 3-5 working days seem too long of a wait, we have an express testing option for you which offers results in only 3 to 4 working days. Convenience is the key to our service so to increase ease of accessibility, you will also be able to use our online result pick up system – just input your unique code on our website at any time and receive updates regarding the status of your results. Results will also be sent by e-mail; alternatively, with a small, additional charge, you may request that a hard copy be mailed to you. Note that we also offer DNA art – a new approach to art through which you become the creator of your own unique art based upon your DNA.

Customer Support

Every case is different, and we appreciate that you may have different needs and requirements; this is why we aim to provide a personalised service through our our friendly and professional staff which will be happy and ready to answer any questions that you have. Our aim is to constantly achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction because we value your perception of us and every aspect of our service. easyDNA will go beyond your expectations Irrespective of where you may live, easyDNA can service and provide kits anywhere within Canada, including the cities of Toronto, Calgary, and Montreal. Our DNA test kits can be sent by courier or express post, thus enabling quick delivery of your kit. You can also collect your paternity testing kit in person from the Vancouver and Toronto offices. We have created the kit with your needs in mind, knowing that our clients need to get things done quickly, simply and efficiently. Simply follow the instructions that you will find inside your kit which contains everything that you need to collect your samples in just a few easy steps.

What Our Clients Say

Was referred to EasyDNA by a friend to test our twin girls on whether they were identical or not. Process was quick and efficient and easy to do at home. Steps were clear and straight forward to send back and we had results within 4 days of them receiving the test. Highly recommend EasyDNA for [...]
Canada, 02 Sept 2023
Without your help in identifying what my dog was allergic too, especially Blue Thomson with Sunflower Oil, he would of continued to suffer with hives, and sever rashes. The vet told me no more steroid shots. I know your tests are accurate as the food I was feeding changed their formula and started using sunflower [...]
United States, 28th Feb 2022
You under promised and over delivered. Thank you!
Canada, 29th September 2021
This was a great start for me to determine food allergies for my dog. Turns out the vegetable in the dry food recipe was one of the bigger culprits! Thank you!
United States of America 3th Sep 2021
I have already been able to change our dogs food and see drastic improvements in her skin and coat.
United States of America, 26th August 2021

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