What is laboratory accreditation?

Accreditation is a process that is performed in many countries as a means to determine the technical competence of a DNA testing laboratory. Accreditation is awarded to a laboratory only after is has been thoroughly assessed for its competence based on standard procedure guidelines. The assessment is normally carried out by third party assessors who will evaluate all the factors in the laboratory that will influence the final production of the test result. These factors will include amongst others the technical competence of the staff, the validity of the methods used in the testing and the maintenance and calibration of the equipment.

EasyDNA tests are all performed by a fully accredited laboratory and hence we provide accurate and accredited testing services. For more information about the laboratory visit the our laboratory section. With EasyDNA you get ISO 17025 accredited DNA testing.

Accuracy of our DNA tests

When performing a DNA paternity test, the result will confirm if the alleged father is the biological father of the child or not. All our DNA tests are analysed on the basis of 21 genetic markers (one of the markers is the sex gene that confirms the sex of the individual tested). This helps us provide accurate DNA tests. In order to obtain a confirmation of paternity all the 20 genetic markers of the alleged father must match those of the child. This is called an inclusion and in cases where the mother is also included in the test, the Probability of Paternity will be in excess of 99.999%. On the other hand, where the genetic markers do not match in all the loci, the Probability of Paternity will be 0% and will exclude the alleged father with 100% accuracy.

In cases where only one parent and the child are submitted for testing, the resulting probability of the paternity test is in most cases greater than 99.99%, although it is not possible to determine in advance the exact minimum probability of parenthood.

By generating such high levels of probabilities, you can therefore rest assured that our tests are highly accurate and will provide the necessary confirmation of whether the alleged father is in fact the real biological father or whether he can be excluded.

In terms of pricing, you do not need to pay more for an accredited test. EasyDNA offers cheap paternity testing services and we do provide discounts for tests involving more than two people and forensic samples.

In our sample DNA test results section we have provided some examples of what our paternity test result looks like. In addition, we have also provided comprehensive information on how to interpret the results.