What does this Premium Package include?

The Premium Package for Dogs includes a combination of three easy-to-use canine tests:


  • Dog Intolerance test
  • Dog Breed Identification Test 350+ breeds
  • DogCheck 4.0 Genetic Disease Test

Below please find a brief description of each one of these tests.

Dog Intolerance test

The Dog Intolerance Test checks 152 foods and 48 artificial allergens to determine the elements your dog could be sensitive to. Intolerance is a non-immunological adverse reaction to certain items present in the environment or in food. Sometimes this reaction presents obvious symptoms such as digestive issues, vomiting, diarrhoea or visible skin problems. But in other cases, the symptoms are not obvious, and your dog may experience discomfort or mood swings without any apparent cause. The Dog Intolerance Test will help you identify some of the items that your dog should avoid to improve their overall health.

Dog Breed Identification Test 350+ breeds

The Dog Breed Identification Test 350+ breeds will define your canine ancestry going back three generations. This test looks at a total of 1,800 genetic markers, with access to a vast database of over 350 breeds, types and varieties, providing passionate dog lovers with a wealth of genetic information which can help them identify their canine’s key traits and understand what makes their pup so unique. The Dog Breed Identification tool is also a great resource that provides dog breeders with extremely important data. This test is suitable for mixed-breed, purebred and designer dogs alike.

DogCheck 4.0 Genetic Disease Test

The DogCheck 4.0 Genetic Disease Test is a comprehensive, laboratory-based screening test that will provide invaluable insights into your dog’s health based on their personal genetic information. Your dog can be tested for +320 different characteristics, including genetic disorders and traits. This test is a valuable tool for animal owners, breeders, and veterinarians, providing essential information about your dog’s genetic makeup. It offers comprehensive DNA testing, allowing for the identification of potential genetic or inherited diseases before symptoms appear. This enables personalized prevention and treatment plans, promoting long-term animal welfare.

Pricing and Turnaround Time

The Premium Package for Dogs is priced at $359, which includes these three comprehensive tests. These tests provide detailed reports on your dog’s intolerances, analysis of breed traits, and crucial genetic characteristics, offering invaluable insights to ensure your pet’s well-being. Anticipate receiving the results via email approximately three weeks after the laboratory receives the samples.

Take advantage of our exclusive $20 discount when you order more than one Premium Package Test. The second and subsequent orders will be priced at $339 instead of $359.

Act now to secure this offer and gain essential information for the optimal care of your beloved dog. Place your order today or contact us for more information!

Dog Parentage Test
Dog Inherited Disease & Trait Test

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