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Countless of the thousands of diseases we know are genetic. Deep within your genes you could be a carrier of a particular gene mutation that codes for anything ranging from cancer to obesity to Alzheimer’s and many more. Whilst in the past, it would have been impossible to discover whether you carry these genes and thus, have an elevated chance of developing the disease, today it is possible to determine whether or not you have any of these gene mutations.

Our genetic health test will tell you just how likely it is that you will develop any of over 35 diseases over the course of your life. We will have your results ready in 4-5 weeks. The price for the Genetic Predisposition Test is $309.

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Why would I want to know?

  1. Because ignorance is not always bliss. A genetic health test is what will ultimately enable you to make the best lifestyle choices. By making the lifestyle choices based upon the results of a genetic health test you can actually mitigate your risks of developing the condition. This applies to anything from prostate cancer, diabetes, breast cancer and many more. What about lung cancer? Not all smokers develop lung cancer although the correlation between the two is very strong. But imagine you do find out you have a high genetic predisposition: Do you really need a better excuse to stop and ditch the habit?
  2. Wouldn’t it help to know that you are genetically predisposed to obesity? This would enable you to get appetite management tips and ideas from a nutritionist, possibly saving yourself obesity and the many diseases that come with it. Proper health management is the key to your improved health. A genetic health test can help towards disease prevention.
  3. The hereditary aspect is also significant: so you have a history of cancer in the family? Perhaps prostate or breast cancer? Does it worry to think that you might develop the cancer in question as well? Then a genetic health test could put your mind at rest by telling you that your risk of developing the hereditary form of the disease is very low or nonexistent.

Our results

Our results will assess just how likely you are of developing the 35 diseases we test for over the course of your life. We test for the following 35 diseases:


Important note

For the results to be meaningful and useful, we strongly recommend they consult with a specialist pre and post test. A specialist can help you come up with a life-long health plan to suit your genes and complement your health. This is a very important point that we do tend to stress for all our clients, given the health significance of this genetic health test.

Please read our Health & Clinical Terms and Conditions HERE carefully and make sure you understand them before ordering this test.

For more information on genetic counselling assistance visit:

Info about disease categories

Cardiovascular/Cerebrovascular Conditions: There are many diseases that affect our heart and blood vessels or the circulation of blood to the brain  – these diseases are known as cardiovascular or cerebrovascular diseases. There are a total of 5 diseases we test for to accurately tell you the chances you have of developing these diseases. Our test results will show your genetic predisposition to heart disease, aneurysms and Peripheral arterial disease amongst others.

Cancers: Cancers are essentially caused by the over multiplication and uncontrolled growth of cells. The growth continues to increase in size and mass or even metastasize, spreading beyond the point of origin and affecting other organs. Our health genetic test will tell you whether you are genetically predisposed to a number of cancers, including breast cancer and prostate cancer. With cancer especially, early detection hugely increases the chances of successful treatment.

Disease related to Ageing: There are several diseases related to old age but we only tackle the ones which occur most frequently amongst older people. Old age diseases, like many other diseases, can be controlled if not avoided, with the right kind of diet and health management plan. Disease we test for include Alzheimer’s dementia, diabetes and osteoarthritis.

General health: We classify general health diseases as those diseases that do not fall into any of the other disease categories below. Such diseases include Lupus or Graves’ disease as well as other autoimmune diseases. EasyDNA tests a total of 5 such diseases falling into this category.

Immune System diseases: There are a number of diseases that affect our immune system. Often these autoimmune conditions results in the body reacting against itself which can result, depending on the type of disease, in very unpleasant symptoms. With these diseases, the body is incapable of distinguishing substances and molecules that are foreign to the body with those that are part of it. The body thus, reacts by attacking itself and producing antibodies, in much the way as it would with a foreign body such as a virus.

Ocular (eye) diseases: The eyes are complex organs, with many parts that must work together to produce clear vision. Sight is considered by many to be the most treasured of our senses. Genetic tests can improve the accuracy of diagnoses and prognoses. Knowing whether you are predisposed to certain diseases of the eyes can ensure you monitor your vision more carefully and if any complications do arise, nipping them in the bud.

Why not consult a genetic counsellor about your results?

Our genetic counsellor is ideal if you have any concerns about your DNA test results. They can understand and interpret all aspects of your DNA test results, helping you maximize your own wellbeing and that of your relative. Genetic counselling is ideal in cases where you opt for a clinical test or health test but you can also consult our counsellor for any other test including parentage testing, prenatal testing and relationship testing.

Genetic counselling is available at an additional fee of $100.

Our glossary of terms

We have compiled a glossary with many useful terms related to genetics, genes and many other relevant terminology and jargon. View our genetic glossary HERE.

Upgraded Results: Celiac Disease Genetic Testing

For just an additional $55 we can provide you with an advanced report on Celiac Disease. This report can help you confirm whether you carry the genes involved in celiac disease and will effectively rule out the disease with an accuracy of 99%. Results for this test are ready in 4-5 weeks from the receipt of samples. Read more about our Celiac Disease Genetic Test.

Upgraded Results: Lactose Intolerance Testing

For an additional $55 we can provide you with an advanced report on Lactose Intolerance Disease this test analyses the LCT gene and the results will inform if you are positive with low or high risk for developing lactose intolerance.

We also provide a genetic counselling service for an additional fee of $100.

Please read our Health and Clinical Terms & Conditions HERE carefully and make sure you understand them before ordering this test.

Upgraded Results: Premium Package Testing

What is exactly included in the Premium Package? We have and exclusive offer which includes a combination of the 3 types of  testing services offered for the discounted price of $414:


  • Genetic Predisposition
  • Celiac Disease
  • Lactose Intolerance

The results for this combo are available within 4-5 weeks from receipt of your samples at the laboratory.


Disclaimer: Your test results are solely for informational and/or educational purposes only and should NOT be used for making medical, health or any other decisions without consulting a medical professional. Always speak to your doctor and seek professional help before taking action. The test does not replace a visit to a doctor, nor the advice or services of a doctor or other qualified specialist.

Find out if you carry the genes associated with Celiac Disease
Is there a chance you could be Lactose Intolerant?

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