Your equine DNA profile includes:

  • Our premium quality profile which includes 23 DNA markers
  • Results in 10 working days from the receipt of samples (sent by email)
  • Note: This is NOT a horse breed test and will NOT provide information about the genetic breeds in your horse.

Why have your horse DNA profile?

Just imagine your horse gets stolen or lost! If you do identify a horse you suspect is yours, how can you have absolute, scientific certainty that it is yours? The answer is by having your horse’s equine profile at hand. A simple comparison between the profiles of the horse you suspect to be yours with the profile from the known horse will tell you if the two profiles belong to the same horse.

DNA profiles are also a powerful record to have for horse breeders. They can be used for parentage testing as well as to provide valuable proof of pedigree or ancestry if required.

Begin your test. The forms to send your samples

Download the below forms to complete your equine test:



Do all horses have a unique DNA profile?

Yes, all horses have a unique DNA profile except for monozygotic twin horses (identical twin horses). Identical twin horses will also have identical DNA profiles which will be undistinguishable from each other.

The equine test we offer is a 23 genetic marker profile. The horse’s profile is an individual DNA profile that can be used as a permanent method of identification.

Will the test establish any hereditary illnesses?

A horse DNA profile is strictly a genetic fingerprint showing the 23 markers analysed. We will not establish anything about the horse’s genetic health.

What sample do I need to provide?

The samples required for this test are horse hair samples. You should keep the following in mind:

Horse hairs need to be collected by plucking not by cutting. Plucking provides the hair and the root. DNA is only found in the root and thus, the root is what is needed for DNA analysis. Cut hairs contain no DNA and cannot be tested.

Sample report

After the laboratory receives your sample, you can expect the test results to be ready in 10 working days. The report will provide you all the information about your horse’s equine DNA profile.

view sample report

Discover more about your horse!

Are you unsure as to which horse is the biological father of a foal? Parentage testing for horses provides scientific, accurate answer to questions of horse parentage. On the other hand, Horse Inherited Disease testing establishes your horse’s susceptibility to different genetic diseases. Know more about your horse with our Equine DNA testing kits.

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