EasyDNA distinguishes itself for a number of reasons:

  • We are customer oriented and place a strong focus on ensuring the highest levels of customer satisfaction.
  • We work with laboratories which only show the highest levels of technical competence.
  • We offer the most updated portfolio of DNA tests to date.

Servicing people globally

Based in Toronto, we service clients anywhere in Canada, from British Columbia, Quebec, and Alberta. EasyDNA is actually part of a network of 30 global offices. The company is located in countries all over the world including South Africa, Italy, the Philippines and Australia. We have often serviced clients living on different ends of the globe, sometimes in the most remote locations. We are confident that we can organize the logistics of any DNA test you require.

We appreciate the fact that our customers have chosen us to carry out their test and ensure after having completed their test, they remain satisfied with their choice.

Our range of DNA testing services

Over 15 years, EasyDNA has expanded and increased the number of tests offered as new tests have been researched and introduced. The partner laboratories carrying out your test are ISO 17025  accredited. We could classify our tests into 3 main categories:


  • Paternity testing services: these include non invasive prenatal paternity testing, paternity testing for immigration purposes (accredited by the Standards Council of Canada, SCC), legal paternity testing and finally, the home paternity test.
  • Relationship testing services: these include testing between brothers and sisters (usually to know whether they have a common biological parent). Aunt and uncle testing and grandparentage testing are also in this category.
  • Forensic services: we offer our clients the possibility to carry out testing with forensic DNA samples. Our advanced laboratory testing capabilities means that we can analyze a number of samples such as hairs, used tissues, finger nails or toe nails and so forth.
  • Most recently we have added a cutting-edge, advanced baby gender test that uses analysis of fetal DNA in maternal urine.

EasyDNA in the Social networking world

We seek to connect with our customers, engaging with them in order to help them with the service they need. We also strive to keep them updated in what goes on in the company and in the world of DNA testing. Why not connect to our easyDNA Canada Facebook page?


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