So what is an electropherogram?

It is a graphical depiction of data recorded from the sequencing machine which runs the DNA samples.The electropherogram is essentially a graph that shows the peaks of a DNA analysis when analyzed by a process known as electrophoresis. The word “electropherograms” refers to the traces of the DNA molecules that have been tagged with special fluorescent dyes to tag the DNA as it is separated using a process known a gel electrophoresis. The electropherogram is produced by what is known as an automated DNA sequencing machine using an electric current and a special fluid. Sequences of a superior quality will be characterised by sharp, high peaks as shown below.

This graph is exclusive to each individual and obviously varies depending on one’s own sequence, this is why it’s such an interesting and personal addition to your test.

Click here to view image of an electropherogram. Everyone will of course have a different one because we are all genetically unique.

A sample electropherogram image

 Example of an electropherogram

How do I order mine and how much will it cost?

Ordering is very simple. When purchasing your test you will have the choice of ordering your own electropherogram on our order page by simple ticking a box. An additional charge will be added to the price of the test.

Can I still get electropherogram if tests have been done already?

Of course if your tests were done by EasyDNA then you can have your electropherogram. Now to order yours, and if you are already an existing customer, just send your request with full name and reference number.


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