Another celebrity in the world of sports has made the headlines amidst paternity issues which may well requires the famous basketball player LeBron James to take a court order paternity test. The case in question is however different in that it is the alleged biological father, Bryce Stovell who seeks the court ordered paternity test claiming that LeBron and his mother covered up the fact that he was the biological father of the famed basketball player.

Stovell, a 55 year old man, has claimed to have had a relationship with Gloria James, LeBron’s mother. The case is not all that fresh, in fact Stovell has been trying to prove paternity since 2007 but forcing someone into a paternity test is never easy and proving or disproving paternity can entail lengthy legal battles. Stovell has filed his suit with the federal court; the reason, he claims, is that LeBron and his mother have actually attempted to conceal the fact that Stovell was LeBron’s biological father.

Stovell is also suing for defamation. Gloria has excluded point blank the possibility that Stovell might be LeBron’s father. She has publicly named the man she says is her son’s dad- Anthony McClelland. The attorney, Fredrick Nance, has discarded her claim as a paternity DNA test carried out in 2002 showed the McClelland was not the biological father of the boy. Stovell tells how Gloria James told him she was expecting a baby shortly after their sexual affair; she claimed that he was the father and that she would name the child “LeBron”.

Stovell, a legal practitioner by profession will be presenting his own case. Given the case he has compiled he does not see why his request that a court ordered paternity DNA test be carried out and he is sure that LeBron is his biological child. The problem is that a paternity test was already carried out and 2007 and this excluded Stovell as the biological father. Stovell claims the DNA sample did not belong to LeBron, hence, that the result of the test was erroneous.

LeBron James is just one of the many celebrities who have been involved in some paternity dispute; whether Stovell manages to get the court order paternity test is still to be seen.


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