Bobby Fischer’s corpse has been exhumed for a paternity test. Earlier this year, after the great chess player’s death, a little, nine year old Philippine girl and her mother appeared; the mother claiming Bobby Fischer to be the biological father of her daughter.

As happens in all such cases of unclear paternity claims, the case inevitably went to court. The chess player’s assets are considerable and Fischer has other relatives in the US who were concurrently making a claim to these assets. Jinky Jong gave a blood sample with which scientists could conduct their paternity analysis and the result was an exclusion- Jinky Jong is not his biological daughter and can thus, make no claim on any part of his estate.

The claimants that remain are two; his nephews and his Japanese widow. His Japanese widow, Myoko Watay, claims to have been married to the chess player but there is not record of their marriage.

Paternity testing is accurate and extremely reliable; in such instances, where there is an inheritance and claimants to the estate are not legally recognized, paternity testing becomes a crucial tool. A legal paternity test is carried out under very strict super vision so as there to be no way of compromising the results.

The Bobby Fischer paternity test case has been concluded. Now remains to be seen who will be able to inherit his estate between the last two claimants.


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