Where does one begin? There are countless famous paternity tests that can be discussed and the list keeps getting longer and longer as more celebrities seek to conclusively solve paternity doubts with paternity DNA testing.

Celebrity DNA test: Charlie Chaplin

Perhaps taking us back quite a bit in time, in 1945 Charlie Chaplin was officially father of Carol Ann. Carol Ann was given her full rights as daughter and received allowance till she was 12 years of age. Carol Ann was the daughter Chaplin had with American actress Joan Barry. The two had a very brief affair. In those days, prior to DNA testing, the only way to provide paternity was by comparing blood groups- this method is fine when it come to excluding fathers as potential biological dads; however, it falls short and is inconclusive when it comes to establishing a man as the biological dad. Chaplin was excluded as the biological father but Barry’s attorney convinced the court otherwise.

Famous paternity testing case: Eddie Murphy

The X spice girl had a daughter after a short affair with American actor Eddie Murphy. On June 11th 2007 a paternity test was carried out which conclusively showed Murphy to be the biological father of the child. Brown gave birth to the girl whom she named Angel at the age of 32 and knew definitely that the biological father was Murphy. The results of the test meant that Murphy had to dish out child support in huge amounts. The whole thing was not so smooth however, as originally Murphy did not want to take the DNA test.

Keanu Reeves: Celebrity Paternity Test

Another famous DNA test or paternity dispute, Karen Sala, a Canadian woman, had claimed a couple of years back that Reeves had fathered all her four children. Sala asked for millions in child support – something to the figure 150,000$ in retroactive child support payments and 3m$ in spousal support. She claimed to have had a relationship with Reeves. The paternity DNA test results showed that none of the four children where fathered by Reeves. The tables thus turned and she was forced to pay 15,000$ to the Hollywood star.

The list of famous paternity tests goes on and one as more keeps getting added; most recently, golfer Tiger Woods and while back Irish film star Jude Law – click here to read more


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