The Justin Bieber Paternity Test attracted attention around the world, magazines, newspapers, websites and newscasts focused all their headlines and content with the controversial news during 2011 when Justin Bieber was presumed to be the father of a baby conceived by a 20-year old woman, to the point where she was demanding a paternity DNA test in order to confirm.

However, there is one key issue in this type of media bomb, which is the fact that Justin Bieber is a celebrity known worldwide where this type of news radically damaged his reputation as an icon in the entertainment world until the DNA test was effectively conducted, proving that he was not the father and the whole controversial situation was alleviated shortly after.

What happens when a celebrity like Justin Bieber needs to do a Paternity Test

Due to the massive popularity that many celebrities such as Justin Bieber have in the world, it is important to understand their preferences for their overall privacy, as well as the necessary respect that must be present in order to not escalate the situation to other drastic levels. This brings our discussion to the fact that celebrities must undergo celebrity DNA tests, which are specially designed for celebrities like Justin Bieber.

A celebrity DNA test follows the same standard procedures just like any other DNA test, but it takes place in a special location with very specialized and carefully selected healthcare professionals, laboratories and the most advanced equipment and supplies in order to ensure a speedy and secure DNA test. On the other hand, a celebrity DNA test has the particular characteristic that no other persons but the celebrity and the personnel conducting the test are allowed to go into the premises into which the DNA test is going to take place.

The main important features of a Celebrity DNA test

Safety, confidentiality and privacy are three main components for any type of celebrity DNA test out there, with a special focus on the procedures that are made as well as the confidential and secret privacy of the results of each DNA test. In basic terms, the celebrity has all the power to select the location, professional staff for the DNA test which is going to be conducted, as well as how the results of given test will be administered and released to the public.

Once the test is done and the results are known, the celebrity is the first person to know about them and he or she has all the power to effectively decide of whether or not they will be released to the public. However, it is important to consider a special characteristic of why these types of situations occur to celebrities. In general terms, fans often invent stories to get massive media attention and create a direct relationship with the celebrity, these made up stories are usually claims that a baby was born and it was conceived by that celebrity with the other person who is claiming an established parenthood link.

The motivation behind a Celebrity Paternity Test

Furthermore, the main motivator of why celebrity DNA tests are so popularized is for the fact that the fan base of that particular celebrity draws a lot of attention to specific characteristics that may or may not have been seen before in that celebrity. The level of reputation for the celebrity may increase or decrease based on the impact directed towards the fan bases, and in many cases the celebrity might feel somewhat given to the fact that a DNA test may prove otherwise, just like it happened with Justin Bieber, in which the claims were nothing more than claims and he was not the father of that child.

Having said this, the monetary benefit and levels of reputation that a claimant may do are far beyond from what is expected from the celebrity. Many celebrities have fans, people who dislike them or simply people who do not like them, this creates an atmosphere where all celebrities have lovers and haters simultaneously, and in the majority of cases, claims of parenthood can seem somewhat false and only drive due to monetary benefit in the long run.

Getting to the truth

It is at this point where celebrity DNA tests play a very important role, the role of proving right or wrong the claims of parenthood and enhancing the level of effectiveness that DNA tests have in major decisions and events that occur in a person’s life. For these reasons, celebrity DNA tests are simply a means of connecting sometimes the falsehood towards the truth and sometimes the truth to falsehood, with a specific direction on each one depending upon the case which is presented.

More about DNA testing and Celebrities

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