DNA testing is used for more than just establishing biological family relationships. Relationships are getting tougher and tougher for most couples as economic times grow harder.  Infidelity seems to be on the rise, or at least the suspicion of such infidelity, as partners attempt to find an escape from the reality of their day to day lives.  If you or someone you know suspects their spouse or significant other of cheating, then DNA testing just might be what you’ve been looking for to provide some answers.

DNA testing is becoming more widespread as its possibilities are better than ever before for providing some valuable clues as to what might really be going on in a relationship.  Recent improvements in the testing process now provide information as to whether foreign material on a specific item is the male or female gender.  If a DNA sample can be provided from the “cheating” partner then a DNA test can determine whether the sample is biological.

You might be wondering how it is possible to obtain a sample of the DNA.  Actually it is a relatively easy procedure and only takes a little work on your part.  Any stain can be used to test for DNA samples.  The most common items from which DNA samples are obtained are bed linens, condoms, tissues, and, last, but not least, underwear.

The quality of the sample can affect the success rate of extracting the DNA, based on how much biological material is present and whether or not the sampling is contaminated.  However, today’s DNA laboratories are much more sophisticated than in the past, and therefore can obtain relatively definitive results from less than perfect samples.

Wondering whether or not your spouse or significant other is cheating is often the worst part.  It is sometimes the “not knowing for sure” that creates the most anxiety and stress for you.  In this case, the DNA test can serve as a valuable tool to either confirm your fears or dispel them.  And, most people definitely feel some sense of relief in just knowing for sure whether their suspicions have any merit.

First you will be able to determine through the testing whether the sample is from a male or female.  Then, the sample from the person that is suspect will be compared to the unidentified sample.  This will ascertain whether or not it is a match or whether that person should be excluded.

DNA tests such as this may not give you the conclusive facts that you were seeking, but they will certainly provide you with some valuable clues as to what might really be going on in your partner’s life.  Through the process of elimination, you can often reach certain conclusions, but you may still experience some uncertainty.  And one must remember, that foreign material being present does not necessarily conclude that infidelity is the reason.

However, you may begin to utilize the information obtained from the DNA testing to ask the appropriate questions of the partner in question.  Confrontation of the situation is then, most likely, a step in the right direction and will assist in alleviating any doubts one might have.


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