Most good DNA testing companies will offer a range of DNA tests, from paternity tests, to ancestry testing. One of the most common tests now is Immigration DNA Testing. With more and more people seeking asylum or new citizenship, it is important to carefully select the company conducting this test for you. It could be one of the most important decisions of your life.

Reuniting Families Through DNA Testing

With families often scattered across the globe, it is now more important than ever to prove biological relationships. For families wishing to reunite and live together in a new homeland, an Immigration DNA test is a vital link in the immigration process. Many countries now require proof of relationship in the form of a DNA test.

How Does A DNA Immigration Test Work?

Many of us are now familiar with paternity testing, and a DNA Immigration test is now the preferred method of proving biological links between family members, by many governments. In the U.S. when one family member is already a resident and wishes to bring over other family members, the process is now much faster and can cut through a lot of red tape. Both parties would take a simple DNA test, which would prove that a biological relationship between them.

Depending on the case, a simple paternity or maternity test will suffice, but it is also possible to use other relationship testing to prove biological relationships, for example, Grandparent tests or Sibling tests.

When different parties are located in different countries, it is possible to work through local embassies to conduct the necessary tests.

How Do I Select The Right DNA Testing Company?

It is important when selecting a DNA company, to ensure that they are accredited by local authorities. The laboratory where the samples are analyzed must have the right experience and be approved. It is important to trust the company you are working with as these tests and their results can affect your life greatly.

To discuss your immigration DNA test requirements, contact us directly via email or phone.

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