Everyone who has taken a biology class or even a basic science class has been exposed to some information about X and Y chromosomes. These particular subjects touch heavily on X and Y chromosomes as they are a major part of biology and science.

The X and Y Chromosome determines the sex of the baby

X and Y chromosomes are what determine the sex of a mammal, including human beings. The Y chromosome is one of the two ways to determine the sex. In most cases with animals, if the particular animal has XX for its chromosomes, it is a female, when if they have X and Y chromosome, it is a male. Although in some cases, it is reversed.  Y chromosomes are the DNA that is passed along from a father to son, that is why the Y chromosome, in most cases is used for genealogy research. Y chromosomes are also known for being the fastest evolving parts in humans.

The X and Y Chromosome studied through the ages

While teaching about the X and Y chromosomes, it is taught that the two come from a pair of identical chromosomes, called autosomes. While performing the recombination between the x chromosomes and the y chromosomes, it has been proving that this process it not harmful. While determining the sex with the XY method, the sex is found in most humans, mammals, as well as insects and some plants. When this experiment of the sex-determination was first tried, it was in 1905 by Nettie Stevens and Edmund Beecher Wilson.

Many scientists and others have studied on X and Y chromosomes and have come up with a lot of interesting information on their own and what they think that it is about and how it works. Aristotle even had an interesting fact, stating “the semen of the male differs from the corresponding secretion of the female in that it contains a principle within itself of such a kind as to set up movements also in the embryo and to concoct thoroughly the ultimate nourishment, whereas the secretion of the female contains material alone. If, then, the male element prevails it draws the female element into itself, but if it is prevailed over it changes into the opposite or is destroyed.”

The X and Y Chromosome while conceiving

A lot of parents that are trying to conceive will refer to the X and Y chromosomes. Scientist believe that if intercourse is done closer to when the female is ovulating then there is a greater chance that it will be a boy. The X chromosomes, which are the female, live longer than the male sperm. If the time of intercourse takes place earlier, than the sperm that is carrying the X chromosomes will live longer, and increase chances of having a girl.

The X and Y Chromosome in the Future

Many scientist still practice the idea of experimenting with the X chromosomes and Y chromosomes, while many new discoveries are being made each day dealing with this particular subject. The fact that scientists are able to make such amazing discoveries just by some evidence of the collecting the facts about X chromosomes and Y chromosomes. The subject of X and Y chromosomes are defiantly interesting.


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