The Tom Cruise paternity case has been making the rounds and the rumour mills are still churning. Perhaps the once most celebrated couple in Hollywood, are now seeing an ugly battle on whose news bytes are selling tabloid papers more than ever. Getting the low down on the facts surrounding the real paternity of Suri, daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, can only be gleaned with a better understanding on how this controversy actually began.

How it began:  ‘The National Enquirer’

The rumour mill began this tirade of doubt and suspicion sometime in the month of July 2012 with rather tepid attention paid to it by both actors. It was however, the report in the more venerated of newspapers ‘The National Enquirer’ which carried a rather disturbing report of Cruise having abused wife Katie and the child by keeping them confined to a small windowless home for long durations of time. However, dramatic the imagery may be, the very fact that Tom Cruise has decided to sue the paper for damaging him professionally and causing him losses running into millions, as well as causing acute distress to his family, in itself proves the seriousness of the libel and the attention the story has begun inviting.

It was the paternity debate that confounded other members of the media and turned the usually reticent Cruise into his ballistic best. The question raised was whether Cruise really was Suri’s biological father adding further that Chris Klein, Josh Hartnett or even Joshua Jackson, the three men Katie Holmes was known to be very close to, may be the others in contention for the honour of having fathered Suri. What made everyone sit up and take notice of this news story was the cleverly posed fact that even in the case of Cruise’s ex-wife Nicole Kidman the couple did not have a single biological progeny; in fact both his kids with Kidman were adopted. The hushed whispers of Cruise being sterile and unable to father children gained more attention with the Cruise-Holmes split becoming murkier.

What stand did Cruise take?

The libel being fought by Cruise aims at the ‘preposterous’ suggestions made by the paper that today seem believable to many. The fact that the Tom Cruise paternity case raises some reasonable doubt is the fact that Katie Holmes while pregnant with Suri was such an undercover event, exactly a year after her break-up with boyfriend Chris Klein. What has got the world talking is the exact date of conception and the real birth date of Suri which even today is believed to have been a fudged date. It is also believed that Katie was pregnant with Chris Klein’s child when she married Cruise.

Tom Cruise’s reaction to the Enquirer’s allegations has been reported to have sent him running to his lawyers. The public reaction to the report also backs Cruise’s decision in suing the paper for wrongfully and willfully maligning the name of a ‘decent man’ who is a ‘caring father’ and a ‘hardworking actor’.

When the divorce case went through most knew that it would be Katie who would win custody of Suri, considering all the muck that flew around the Scientology leaning of Cruise and the fact that for the last six years Cruise was constantly busy building on his career. It was Katie who had taken care of the child, loved and nurtured her. A pre-nup was already in place to take care of the financial implications regarding a divorce. However, what has once again raised the paternity debate to new high, is the manner in which the very question of paternity may in itself be the reason why the divorce was such a swift and quiet affair, with almost no ambiguity about custody of Suri. Perhaps the trump card was indeed held by Katie all along!

Other celebrity DNA tests

Well celebrity DNA tests are nothing unusual.There have been countless hot cases involving many stars but also many famous people who are not necessarilyin the world of music and film.

Kourtney Kardashian has most recently been in the head lines in the whole Michael Girgenti affair – or rather an affair he claims happens whilst she claims did not. Will Girgenti take a paternity test?

What about the whole Meredith Kercher Murder? the unreliable DNA evidence used in court means the alleged suspect, Amanda Knox, was freed and allowed to return to the USA. Why not read something about the Amanda Knox trial.


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