The male lineage test, or Y STR test, is used to determine whether two or more males share a common paternal line. The test is possible because of the Y chromosome inherit by males and exclusive to the male sex. Because females do not have a Y chromosome they cannot establish their paternal lineage.

The test is a Y chromosome test or Y STR test. The Y chromosome holds all the information required that makes a male. In terms of genetic information, it carried far less information than the X chromosome.

Y chromosome test can be done:

If two or more males want to know if they share the same father they may do a Y chromosomes test, a type of sibling DNA test used exclusively between males. However, in order to establish paternity, the first test recommended is a paternity DNA test which involves having the alleged father’s DNA sample and comparing the DNA profile extracted with that of the child or children. One can do either a home paternity test or legal test. If the father is unavailable for testing, a Y chromosome is extremely accurate, providing a yes or no answer. If the test shows that an uncle and nephew do not share a Y chromosome, then the uncle is not the nephew’s biological uncle.

Females can participate in a Y STR test; however, since they do have a Y chromosome, they need to ask a biological male relative such as a brother or paternal uncle to participate in the test and compare their sample their sample to the sample of the male relative to which she wishes to establish whether a biological relationship exists. Male lineage test (or Y STR testing) will provide with a definite answer.


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