Semen DNA testing is being extensively used to catch out cheating partners. One of the major problems that affect millions of relationships around the world is the possibility of infidelity and cheating, in most cases this simple act can entirely destroy a relationship on a permanent basis and leave many unwanted and undesirable effects on a long-term basis. However, one special characteristic about this problem is the fact that infidelity is very challenging to prove due to the signs or suspicions that are only supported through uncertain assumptions. This is the point where semen analysis and infidelity testing plays a major role in providing proof of infidelity.

A bit more about infidelity tests using sperm

On a general level, infidelity testing encompasses forensic equipment devices that effectively detect traces of male and female DNA that can be found on a variety of genetic samples including underwear, clothes, bed sheets or any other garment. With this DNA test, scientists are able to detect these traces no matter how minimal they are and delivers the information that you have been constantly searching to deal with the situation in the long run.

Many DNA testing companies would offer you and instant test that can detect the presence of semen instantly buy rubbing a solution on an affected area and observing a colour change.  This type of instant test does not work through DNA and does not offer a reliable answer.

A proper infidelity DNA test can only be carried out in a laboratory.  You would normally have to submit the suspected sample together and another reference sample (Swab or discreet sample) to the testing laboratory.  These samples will be analyzed with forensic equipment and an accurate answer will come out whether the suspicious sample contains the DNA of both male and female and if, by comparing the DNA found to the reference sample submitted, this or part of this DNA belongs to you or to another person.

Highly accredited laboratories do also offer the possibility of screening a sample to determine if it consists of saliva or semen but the technology used in the laboratory is more advanced than any instant test and to the cost of this screening is higher than any instant test costs.  The semen DNA testing done in an accredited laboratory is the most accurate and conclusive type of test.


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