If a man has doubts that he is the “real” father to a child, it only stands to reason that he would not wish to continue making child support payments.

However, recent Senate legislation excusing men of child support requirements if a DNA test proves they are not the biological father, means that they have now have way out of their predicament.

Present US law states that a man has one year to contest his paternity over a child, after which time his name will automatically go onto a child’s birth certificate, making him liable for all child support payments. The new bill would give him two years after a paternity judgement to seek a court ordered DNA paternity test.

The man in question would be excused of all previous child support, and any non-support convictions on his record would be removed, providing that a DNA test supported his claim of non-paternity. Finally, his name would be removed from the birth certificate of the child.

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