DNA testing is used to solve any of a whole, vast range of queries we have about family relationships. easyDNA Philippines now makes all the tests on its portfolio available in the Philippines.

Undoubtedly, the test most people will be interested in is the DNA paternity test. This test is done to accurately establish whether an individual is the biological father of a child. The test is very, very conclusive all the more if one includes the mother’s sample. If the individual tested is the biological of the child, expect a result with a probability of paternity higher than 99.99%. If the individual tested is not the biological father, then expect a probability of paternity of 0%.

In most cases you can just do the peace of mind paternity test (at home paternity test); whilst this test has no legal value whatsoever in the Philippines, it is the first test to do if you wish to resolve your doubts and have a conclusive answer to “am I the father of the child?”.

If you need a paternity test to present in court than you will need a legal test; this test provides you with a result that can be presented in court in order to solve legal disputes related to custody, child support and changing names on the birth certificates.

Being able to carry out DNA testing in the Philippines with such a reputable company is a great advantage to anyone doing such a test.


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