Advances in technology have vastly improved levels of accuracy in DNA testing, providing reliable and definitive results in criminal and personal cases. The use of this technology has therefore greatly increased.

Every person’s DNA makeup is unique and therefore a DNA test can be used to provide answers to your questions with the highest levels of accuracy possible. As awareness of DNA testing increases and knowledge about the science is better understood, people are more willing to use this means to confirm or otherwise presumed biological relations. The applications however have also extended to a wide range of areas including forensic, legal and medical applications.

DNA Test – Is DNA Unique To Every Individual?

With the exception of identical twins, a person’s DNA structure is unique to them. A persons DNA is inherited from their parents, so even if you have brothers and sisters, your particular DNA code will still be unique. It is this fact which makes DNA tests a most valuable tool and the reason why they are now being used routinely in criminal investigations and legal cases.

DNA Test – What Can DNA Be Tested For?

Gender Prediction Testing and Prenatal Paternity Testing

DNA testing has an ever increasing number of uses. Research is consistently being undertaken and any company offering DNA testing should be keeping abreast with any changes in the science. Nowadays, there is no even any longer the need to wait for the ultrasound to know whether you will have a baby boy or girl; a gender prediction test at 9 weeks using just sample of urine from the mother can confirm the sex of the baby. More about this test can be found by clicking here. DNA testing has reached astounding levels of accuracy and as demand sores, prices have dropped maming these tests very accessible to just about anyone.

People use DNA tests for many different reasons. Obviously, the most common, are DNA paternity tests. Whether it is a mother confirming the identity of her child’s father, or a father needing confirmation of his biological relationship with a child, or, as new legislation now allows, a child seeking to know the identity of his biological parents, a DNA test is the only accurate way there is of putting your mind at ease. A DNA paternity test will confirm with 99.99%+ accuracy that a relationship exists and will show a 100% exclusion if no biological relationship is evident.

The police use DNA testing to analyse various types of samples in criminal investigations and compare samples from suspects or witnesses to those samples collected at the scene of the crime. DNA samples can be enough to implicate or clear you of any crime.

DNA tests are also now being used in immigration cases to prove the biological relationship between those seeking asylum and those already resident in a country. However, it is worth noting that the more distant a biological relationship is, the more the chances of obtaining less useful results are.


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