The number of DNA Paternity tests being performed is on the increase all over the world. But this type of test needs some thought- it is a life changing experience and it is important to consider what will happen after the results of the test are issued and not only think how this will impact your life but what the impact of your choices will have on the people concerned.

DNA Paternity Tests On The Increase

According to general worldwide figures, there has been a large increase in the number of recorded children born to couples where one or more of the parents are not the biological parent. There are many possible reasons for this, one of which could be due to an increase in the number of DNA paternity tests.

Should DNA Paternity Tests Be Avoided?

If one is looking at the Nature vs. Nurture argument, the case for Nurture will argue that it isn’t a genetic link that makes a father; it is parenting and being there for ones child. Many will argue that a DNA paternity test can only cause pain or open up old wounds. It is true that there are always some surprises when conducting DNA paternity tests; however avoidance or censorship is not the answer either. A DNA paternity test can be taken for many different reasons – child support, legal definitions, inheritance issues, genetic diseases or proof of an extra-marital affair – and while some will argue that certain things are best left unknown, the general feeling is that the truth is always better.

Eliminating Doubt and Suspicion

In some cases, it can be just as damaging to avoid taking a DNA paternity test altogether. The avoidance can lead to doubt and suspicion in family members, causing long-term distress and pain.

A recent report published by a Liverpool John Moore’s University team stated that in the UK there could be as many as 1 in 25 fathers unknowingly raising another mans child. It has been recognised that the rights of the child take precedence over those of the biological parent or donor, and recent legislation has now removed the right of the donor to remain anonymous, resulting in children knowing the identity of their biological fathers through DNA paternity tests.

Finding The Truth Through DNA Testing

The truth that a DNA paternity test provides can help men and their children make better informed decisions. Without a DNA paternity test, there can never be 100% certainty as to the identity of a child’s biological father, but now, thanks to modern technology evolving in the form of the DNA paternity test, there are ways to end time-old suspicions surrounding a child’s paternity.

There will always be surprises and a certain of amount of distress when results are not what they were expected to be, however many sociologists and psychologists will argue that the only way to address a social issue, is to face it head on and knowing the truth is the first step in this process.


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