easyDNA offers cheap paternity testing in Canada. Considering the experience of a company in the field, the turnaround time and other issues are crucial to understanding the quality of the DNA test.

Paternity DNA testing is extremely reliable and you need to feel fully confident that your purchasing a test that can be relied upon in terms of the scientific technology employed as well as the technical support you will receive.

Cheap paternity testing does not necessarily mean forfeiting quality over price. One can have both the best price possible and outstanding quality in terms of both the standards of laboratory analysis and the close attention to customer service. Depending on the processing capacity of the laboratory and even the extent to which the company wishes to be competitive pricing may change. A cheap paternity test can thus mean actually having superior quality and one of the main guarantees of quality is definitely not price but rather the issue of laboratory accreditation. If you see ISO 17025 then you can rest your mind that the laboratories carrying out your test abide by the highest technical competence.

If you are seeking to do a legal paternity test your safest bet is to ensure all the more that the company you do you test with is accredited. It is absolutely mandatory that the results of your test be incontrovertible as you will need them to stand up in a court of law and be accepted by the judge. Legal DNA testing is invariably more expensive than home DNAA testing as there is a different sampling procedure in place.

When you see ridiculously cheap paternity tests when compared to anyone else on the market, you may want to find out if you may incur added costs that have not been mentioned; will you have to pay for your home testing kit separately? Will the kit be sent to you at an added cost?

Remember that if you are doing a home paternity test in which you collect your own saliva DNA samples at home, you save yourself the costs of doing it at a clinic and booking appointment with a doctor; this of course is also a reason why online paternity tests are often cheaper. Moreover, when DNA testing is carried out involving several people many DNA testing companies will give you a discount.

Having cheap paternity testing is thus a balancing act of several issues which, like any business, even DNA testing companies need to keep seriously in mind. Click here to learn more about this type of test.


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