EasyDNA providing accurate, reliable and confidential Paternity Testing results in British Columbia and throughout Canada.

British Columbia is Canada’s prettiest and westernmost province. Its capital is Victoria, which is situated on Vancouver Island, and its largest city is Vancouver. British Columbia is bordered by provinces Yukon, Alberta and the Northwest Territories; the states of Alaska, Montana, Washington and Idaho, and the Pacific Ocean. British Columbia is a natural haven boasting over 140 Ecological Reserves, 35 Marine Parks as well as Heritage Sites, Historic Sites, National Parks and National Park Reserves. British Columbia also has a very diverse ethnic population which accounts for 24% of its population. Its Asian community is by far the largest with representatives from China, Japan, The Philippines and Korea. Its European community is mostly up of persons from Germany, Scandinavia, Italy and The Baltic States. The economy of the province was largely based on its natural resources, mining and forestry industries however most jobs now are in construction, retail and movies, with the area gaining the name of Hollywood of the North.

With DNA Tests ranging from Paternity Testing to DNA Immigration Tests to Legal Paternity Tests, and clients throughout Canada, our staff are able to guide you through even the most complex DNA Testing cases.Moreover, whilst normal turnaround times for a DNA test in Canada might span several working days (3-5 with easyDNA), you may also have the option of express testing. With an express test, the results of your genetic analysis will be ready in just 3 to 4  working days. This is a huge advantage if you happen to be in a hurry and need to get your results as soon as possible. More info here about express paternity testing in British Columbia.


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