Accreditation is a great asset for any laboratory and a mark of guarantee for anyone wishing to buy a DNA kit from a company that uses such laboratories. Within the genetic testing industry, laboratories are given in ISO 17025 accreditation if they follow strict guidelines when analysing your DNA samples and employ a given level of technical proficiency. ISO accredited laboratories have to analyse a certain number of genetic markers which will determine the accuracy of the results. ISO accredited laboratories are subject to inspections to verify that the standards set are being followed and the accreditation will be taken away should the laboratories slack at any time. It is important to bear in mind that ISO is not the only accrediting body available although it is the most widely respected and recognised. Every country could well have its own local accrediting bodies which might be important depending on the type of DNA testing you are going to do. For example, for cases requiring immigration testing in Canada, the DNA immigration test must be accredited to the Standards Council of Canada (SCC). This is an extremely important aspect and without it, the Canadia immigration authorities may not accept the results of the DNA test as proof of relationship. Read our section to learn more.

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