EasyDNA sponsors Richmond based, Not for Profit Organisation ProNiño – an organisation that provides opportunities for homeless boys in Honduras, helping them find homes and receive an education.

The ProNiño website neatly sums up its mission on its website, stating their aim is that of “Creating Brighter Futures for Latin American Street Children”

Canada, Toronto 07/11/2014 – As part of its ongoing corporate social responsibility, EasyDNA sponsors ProNiño. The company has been involved in a number of such philanthropic endeavours and charity sponsorships over the years including setting up a fund to subsidize DNA testing in social cases. Such efforts are part of its Corporate Social Responsibility Programme and the ProNiño sponsorship is just one of these ventures.


EasyDNA’s sales and marketing manager has emphasised the importance of such sponsorships and collaborations, stating that “easyDNA exercises CSR because we believe firmly in the importance of operating in an economically, socially and environmentally responsible manner. For us, this is not just a term we use because of the hype it generates. We firmly believe in having a corporate conscience and reaching out to those in need is the way forward for every organisation. We have an obligation towards our employees, clients and investors but also towards the community and the environment”.

EasyDNA looks out for different opportunities in different countries in which it operates believing that such undertakings are not only a path to business success but that, in the words of the company’s sales and marketing Manager “can bring social and economic benefits to the countries in which we operate”.

ProNiño has helped countless boys aged between 6 and 18 years of age find a scope in living and become productive members of the society in which they live. The ProNiño website describes the state of many of these boys, a situation which easyDNA describes as “heart wrenching”:
“Many of the boys are truly “homeless” before ProNiño and come from living on the streets; others are homeless in the sense that their families have shown such a level of neglect that the judicial system has relocated them to the ProNiño program. ProNiño has rescued, housed, mentored and educated hundreds of boys, working to break the cycle and culture of poverty, drug use, and hopelessness.”

In order to fulfil its aims, NGOs just like this one need to rely on funds and donations from third parties. The funds are used in various ways including providing boys with clothing, books, an education, housing, shelter and more. EasyDNA is one of the charitable organisation’s 4 corporate sponsors for 2014. On a concluding note, easyDNA Sales and Marketing Manager has commented “we are currently one of 4 corporate sponsors for ProNiño – we really hope that other companies will follow suite, finding their own corporate conscience and help towards this cause as well as the countless other NGOs and charities out there who are desperate for funds. A small, selfless gesture could change somebody’s life.”


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