EasyDNA launches the Gut Microbiome Test – a well-being test for maintaining a healthy body.

Dublin – Ireland – February 7, 2020 – EasyDNA is pleased to announce the launch of the new Gut Microbiome Test. Performed through an internationally accredited laboratory and using the latest in laboratory technology, the Gut Microbiome Test can analyse and study the bacteria living in the gut.In recent years EasyDNA has been expanding its range of health and well-being DNA tests as the market for personalised genetic tests keeps growing rapidly. The popularity and demand for these health and well-being tests have considerably increased and the launch of this new test will help add a new and complementary product to the range.

Commenting on this development, the company spokesperson stated, “A diverse and balanced microbiome composition in the human gut is essential for maintaining a healthy body. Having an imbalanced gut can lead to health issues such as obesity, diabetes and heart diseases. “

When it comes to exploring personal health clients can learn valuable information with the Microbiome Gut Test: ”The benefits of knowing about the organism inside your digestive paired with personalised dietary recommendations, allows you to improve your health in the most natural and effective way” stated the spokesperson.

The clients from EasyDNA are able to perform the test from the comfort of their own home with a simple stool sample. The results include a complete report, statistical charts, dietary recommendations and conclusive information about the client’s microbiome results.

EasyDNA’s Gut Microbiome Test results are available within 15 to 20 days. A secondary test is advisable after dietary and lifestyle changes have been done. This second test should be taken 1 or 2 months after and will reveal the client’s development of his gut’s bacteria.The company spokesperson concluded by stating: ”We hope that the Gut Microbiome test helps our clients to understand better their microbiome and will help them to answer questions and understand the reasons of gut inflammation and obesity amongst other health issues. ”Other health-related tests in the company’s portfolio include the Healthy Weight Test, the All-in-one Health Package, Lactose and Celiace Intolerance testing and Food Intolerance Sensitivity testing.

About EasyDNA

EasyDNA is an international DNA testing company established in 2006 with operations in over 25 countries across the globe. EasyDNA offers a wide DNA testing product portfolio, which includes Paternity testing, Relationship testing (through siblings, aunts, uncles and grandparents), Prenatal DNA testing, Clinical DNA testing, Health testing as well as Ancestry testing services. Over the last decade, the company has handled thousands of DNA tests through internationally accredited laboratories holding the highest international accreditations.


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