Toronto, Canada February 23, 2017 – Leading, e-commerce DNA testing company EasyDNA provides key information about the most salient aspects of paternity testing in Angela Saurine’s article,” I had no doubts that he was the father – but he did” (published on Kidspot, December 2016). Angela Saurine, a freelance writer, copywriter and editor based in Sydney, sets out to investigate some of the taboos behind this DNA test within the context of an actual paternity test scenario.

Saurine’s article draws upon much of the information and experience provided by EasyDNA’s General Manager for Asia and Australia Mandy Hughes. In relation to EasyDNA’s feature, which centers on the story of a real individual, a Ms. Hughes notes that “Twenty-five-year-old Perth mum Stacey Davies‘ paternity testing dilemma is one of the most common place scenarios we see – a father doubting whether he actually fathered a child and both parents having to go through the emotional turmoil that DNA testing brings. Luckily, despite the stress and anxiety brought about in such scenarios, a paternity test provides the conclusive answers people need, with a painless sample collection procedure and in just a few days”

Commenting on the feature and EasyDNA’s collaboration with Saurine, Ms. Hughes’ highlights the following: “Kidspot is reputable website with a strong online presence. The website is a point of reference for many parents and in fact describes itself as “the biggest and best parenting website in Australia”. We were delighted to work with Saurine on this feature as EasyDNA realises that some paternity testing misconceptions and myths still linger and need to be cleared – working with a seasoned journalist has helped us achieve one of our on-going aim – to create awareness of what paternity testing is about and the different types of tests available”. Besides such articles helping to create awareness and shed light on such complex issues, the article clearly underscores the fact that the ultimately the rise in demand in paternity tests is itself one of the main factors that helps shatter the taboo behind these tests. Angela Saurine’s full article can be viewed by clicking here.

Over the years, EasyDNA has often been approached by magazines, radios, TV stations and journalists. The company has Featured in Australian Romantic Comedy, Wonderland we well as Home and Away, were EasyDNA was the company chosen to carry out the paternity test on one of the characters in the romantic comedy drama as well as providing DNA testing consultancy to Channel 10’s The Project, a TV talk show and news/current affairs television programme.


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