ISO17025 Accredited DNA Testing Laboratory

EasyDNA operates through a DNA testing laboratory that is internationally accredited in DNA testing and profiling services. All testing is performed at a state-of-the-art facility using the most advanced DNA testing equipment and manned by a team of specialists highly experienced in this field.

To become accredited a laboratory has to pass frequent and rigorous inspections of the complete testing procedures. The stringent standards that have to be followed ensure that the testing is being performed properly and accurately. We therefore GUARANTEE that all your testing is being performed by a highly accredited Paternity Testing Laboratory for your complete peace of mind.

The DNA testing laboratory

All DNA testing is performed by a laboratory that has obtained ISO17025 accreditation, which is a rigorous quality assurance system compliant with international ISO quality standards. All processes are subject to regular independent external monitoring thereby ensuring results are of the highest standard for our clients.

DNA testing quality assurance programme

To ensure the accuracy and quality of our DNA test results, a quality assurance programme has been implemented at the DNA test laboratory to cover all DNA testing. Through this programme, all DNA samples are processed twice – in this way all results are double checked to ensure with confidence that the result you have been sent is correct.

EasyDNA service quality

At EasyDNA we have built our reputation for high quality service on the basis of the high level of accuracy of our DNA test results, as well as for the excellent level of customer service we provide to all our clients. At EasyDNA all clients we understand the complex and often sensitive nature of cases requiring DNA testing. Therefore all our customers are treated in a professional and confidential manner as befits the situation. Our extensive experience in DNA testing ensures that we are in a position to give our customers the most optimal solution for their testing requirements.

Worldwide experience

Through our vast network of offices, we have successfully processed thousands of samples originating from all over the world. We have DNA testing laboratories in the UK, Australia and the USA. At EasyDNA we are fully committed to excel in our service through excellent customer service levels and providing our clients with the best service possible whatever country they are in. We maintain standards for every one of our DNA tests ensuring client needs and expectations are always met. For more information about our paternity testing service, visit this web page.

So besides an accredited DNA testing laboratory, a sound reputation as an international company and one of the first in the industry, you can trust your testing in our hands.

For more information about our accredited paternity test we recommend that you visit our frequent questions section or contact us directly to discuss your case.