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easyDNA Canada offers you home DNA testing services with fast and reliable results that are highly accurate and confidential. Having performed over 300,000 tests, our laboratory is internationally accredited with ISO17025 so that you can always be assured of the accuracy of your test results. Our paternity test guarantees results with up to 99.999% accuracy. We offer legal and home DNA tests, as well as tests to confirm other types of familial relationships.

easyDNA Canada offers a locally based service through offices in Toronto and Vancouver, with a team of trained professionals to assist you with your testing requirements. easyDNA can service and provide kits anywhere within Canada including the cities of Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary and Montreal. Our DNA test kits can be sent by courier or express post enabling quick delivery of your kit. You can also collect your paternity testing kit in person from both the Vancouver and Toronto office.

Your samples are then returned to us and results are available in 3-5 working days from receipt of samples at the laboratory. An express option is also available for all DNA tests with results available in only 2 working days.

Through our Paternity Test if the alleged father is not the biological father of the child he will be excluded with 100% accuracy. If the man tested is the father of the child they will be included with a probability up to 99.999%. Our accredited test for one alleged father and child is priced at only CAD$249. This special price covers the DNA paternity test kit, the analysis and the final result.

We also offer 100% safe, non-invasive prenatal paternity test.

All tests can be completed using standard oral swab samples as included in our collection kit. Our DNA test kits make collecting your samples extremely easy - please refer to our visual collection guide available online to see how easy it is.

You can also submit discreet samples including toothbrush, underwear, clothing, hair and cigarette butts for an additional fee. These will be analyzed by our highly experienced forensic department.

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Step-by-Step Guide to Order a DNA Test

Step 1: Review the information provided in the website and select the test you require : Paternity Test, Relationship Test, DNA Profile, Twin DNA Testing, Forensic DNA Testing, Ancestry Test, Genetic Predisposition Test and Gender Prediction Testing  etc.

Step 2: For payment by Mastercard or Visa, order the service required from the following secure web link - Order Test. Other payment options include bank transfer, bank cheques/drafts, postal orders and payment via Western Union or Moneygram.

Step 3: After your order has been confirmed, a case reference number will be allocated to you and your collection kit will be dispatched. The DNA kit is applicable to all DNA tests. For a Legal DNA Test a different sample collection procedure is required. After collecting the samples return them to us in the self-addressed envelope provided with your DNA test kit also enclosing the submission forms correctly filled in.

Step 4: Once the lab receives your samples the test will be processed and your test result will be emailed to you within 3-5 working days, unless you select our express option for an additional charge. We have provided a Sample DNA Paternity Test Result which you can review.

Tips for Selecting a Paternity Testing Provider

Accreditation: When dealing with such tests, make sure that the company you select is using a properly accredited laboratory. Our partner laboratories have the highest level of international accreditation. View the ISO17025 and AABB accredited  laboratory page for more information.

Technical Support: Make sure that the company you select has the experience to offer you the best technical support throughout the entire testing process. Our technical management staff at easyDNA have over 10 years’ experience dealing with the general public and are backed by the proper scientific support.

Testing 16 Genetic Markers: All our tests are tested on 16 loci. Make sure the company you select is offering you the highest quality form of Paternity Testing and is not testing anything less. We also offer personalized DNA art - a way of turning your genetic profile into a colourful work of art.

...Click here for more tips about DNA testing on how to order your own home paternity test.

easyDNA Canada operates through our administration offices in Toronto and Vancouver. easyDNA is an international DNA testing company providing reliable, accurate and confidential DNA tests to both the private and public sector all over the world. All our testing is performed by a highly accredited laboratory that is highly experienced in all aspects of DNA analysis.

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