About This Test

Take your Wellbeing and health to the next level: discover more about how your genetics affect your overall lifestyle with EasyDNA’s wellness and lifestyle DNA test. This test can help uncover any predispositions to certain tendencies and traits to optimize your lifestyle decisions. Harness what we you can learn about your genes for a better lifestyle today and make smarter choices. The test starts from just $199.

Wellness and Lifestyle DNA Test: Results

The results are divided into 2 sections:

  • Your Physical Genetic Profile
  • Your Behavioral genetic Profile

View a sample result by clicking the below image:

There is a lot of information to gain by taking this test. Here are some of the results you can expect to receive.


  • Morning/Night Person – Your results will show you whether you are genetically a morning or night person. Knowing this information can help you plan for future events such as jobs, study times, and more.
  • Social Preferences – You will also find out how you handle social situations. It is possible to find out if you are genetically a loner, or if you handle your problems better when you have a social support system with your friends and family.
  • Endurance – Are you considering playing sports? Believe it or not your genetics can determine whether or not you are suited for sports, and whether you should focus on endurance sports or speed based activities.
  • Risk Taker – You may have always considered yourself a big risk taker, but what do your genes have to say about this issue? Your DNA contains information that will let you know whether you are a predetermined risk taker or not.
  • Lifespan – How long you live is based on several different factors, including your genes. When you get your test results you will get information on how long you are supposed to live on a genetic level.
  • Having this information in hand can help you adjust your lifestyle to best suit your genetic makeup. Ordering the Wellness and Lifestyle DNA Test is the first step in that process when making a choice to make better, informed lifestyle decisions.

DNA Test Details

Once you order your test, we will send you out a kit that contains DNA swabs, collection envelope, instructions, and a pre-addressed envelope to send your samples back. Gently swab the inside of your cheeks with each swab, put them back into the DNA sample envelope and mail them back to us. We will analyze your samples and send you results in 6 to 8 weeks.

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