Personal genetic art: Colorize your life and space

There are a variety of exciting options through which you could express your own genetic profile or fingerprint. The DNA testing process couldn’t be easier; it’s done through a simple mouth swab. The hardest part is deciding on your favourite style and colour!

Browse through the selection below to view options for your DNA profile on printed canvas. The services is now available all over Canada.

Genetics & art merged into DNA portraits

A DNA portrait is an artistic representation of your DNA for you and future generations to enjoy. It is not your dated oil on canvas portrait- is a new, scientific yet personal image that is more yourself than any photo. One of the fun bits about DNA canvas art is their customisability: choose different colours, style and the size, play with the combinations available. Some suggestions:

Just like a traditional family portrait, why not have 2 or more people’s DNA portraits on a single canvas!

You could even sign your own piece of genetic artwork! A DNA portrait of you could be the ideal gift for that special someone in your life.Click here to get your DNA Portrait.

Need smaller DNA portraits?

Then why not opt for mini portraits? Mini portraits are more versatile – you can have a combination of several individual mini portraits or a collage which can act as a focal point on one of your walls. Mini-portraits are also ideal for adding vibrancy and style to those smaller spaces in your home which might not allow for the full size DNA portraits.

Mini portraits can be fully customised to your preferences. Choose your colour and even the size you desire. Read more about

Unique fingerprint impressions

Fingerprints are fun, colourful and visually stimulating- the ridges, shapes and contours of fingerprints often evoke amusing associations. They are moreover, specific to just you because no two people have the exact same fingerprint. Your fingerprint is your own unique set of ridges and contours stamped onto your chosen medium- it is unquestionably you. Vitalize it by choosing colour combinations which suit your lifestyle and tastes.


  • 3 size combinations are available
  • Fingerprints make very cool gifts – your kids would love this for their bedroom.
  • You can include more than one fingerprint on a canvas

Learn more about how you can get your Fingerprint Art.

Pet art out of your pet’s DNA

Capture a personal memento of your beloved best friend. Whether your loved pet is a dog, horse, cat or any other animal, you can craft a colourful piece of art using your pet’s genetic profile! Find out more about Pet DNA Portraits.

Need a present? Make it original!

Genetic art and fingerprint art make fabulous personalised gifts – a true reflection of your inner self and everything which makes you YOU. Portraits make an ideal gift for that special someone in your life – whilst you grow old and change; the true you in your DNA and fingerprints will remain exactly the same. Get the perfect gift solution here