TORONTO, CANADA 31/01/2010 – The leading international DNA testing company, easyDNA, has explained its significant increase in sales over the past year to due to its expansion policy as well as investment in customer service and agent recruitment. A major expansion of worldwide administration offices providing the company with a total of 16 offices internationally was the main driving force behind the expansion in sales.

The Director of Business Development for easyDNA, stated that “The administrative offices that were opened around the world were instrumental in establishing an outstanding reputation for quality and service, and the investment in the recruitment of a team of experienced managers to operate them enabled us to keep our eye on the major factor that enabled the expansion:  a high level of customer service and care that was the major focus of our regional offices.”

Andrew Alexander, Director of Sales and Marketing, commented, ” We began to carry out business in countries new to us such as India, Nigeria and Mexico, that had previously poor or very little access to DNA testing facilities.  EasyDNA offered their people exposure to inexpensive DNA testing services that enabled them to have their questions answered regarding biological relationships such as paternity.

A major factor in the success of the development program was the investment in a team of well-trained management personnel to maintain a high level of customer support at local level, and also improvements in our internal procedures and increased support for the local regional agents and the hospitals and clinics that carry out testing, all of which leads to increased levels of customer service.”


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