What is the PetGen Canine DNA Test?

With a simple oral swab sample, our PetGen Canine DNA Test can help you discover so much information about your dog.

The results provide information about your dog’s breed both mixed or purebred, which relays important temperament and environment information, predicted size and life expectancy. You will be provided with a beautifully presented breed certificate personalized with your dog’s photo and name and breed history.

The test also provides detailed genetic diseases screening for both hereditary and mutations, single – gene disease detection, rare genetic disease detection as well as a carrier report, hair/coat trait, behaviour trait and score.

Whether you are a breeder or else just an owner, the information we provide can help you understand your dog better to take any necessary action to improve its health and well-being!

This is an exclusive test available only via easyDNA.

What do we test for?

This is the most extensive canine test on the market, covering and providing information about:


  • Breeds + Personalized Breed Certificate.
  • Breed Identification Breakdown percentage + Breed history.
  • Predicted Size and Life Expectancy.
  • Genetic Diseases.
  • Hair/Coat Trait.
  • Behaviour Trait + score.
  • Single-gene genetic disease detection.
  • Complex disease detection.

Our PetGen Canine test – What is included?

When you order the PetGen test, you will receive the following:

  1. Easy to use sample collection kit.
  2. 25 Page easy to read report.
  3. Personalized Breed certificate.

Results for this test will be sent by email around 3-4 weeks from receipt of samples at the laboratory.

View sample reports below:

View sample PetGen Report:

View sample Breed Certificate:

Collecting samples for this test

The sample collection process is very simple, straightforward, and painless for your dog. You can collect the mouth swab samples from your pet by using the specific testing kit we will send you once we have processed your order. We suggest that you follow closely the instructions inside the kit to avoid possible issues with the sample.

We also encourage you to email us a photo of your pet when you return the samples for testing for your personalized breed certificate.

Special Offers and Discounts

The price of the PetGen Canine test is $199.

second or third PetGen Canine Test for your other dogs or maybe for a relative or a friend can be purchased at just $189 ($10 discount) per test.

We also offer a complete range of Dog Tests which may also be of interest, including our very popular Dog Allergy Test which test for intolerances and sensitivities in over 120+ potential allergens.

Invest in the well-being of your dog today and order your PetGen Canine DNA Test today!.

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