Cheap paternity testing should not in any way signify bad quality or poor quality DNA testing. In fact, you can find very reasonably priced DNA tests. If you are seeking to do a legal paternity test you need to remember that this will cost more. If it is just an at- home paternity test that you need, than the cost of a paternity test is CAD 199$. The laboratory accreditation is probably the one most important thing to look out for at first glance when you are browsing different sites. A laboratory accreditation such as ISO 17025 is very important. This is because is attests to the competence of the laboratory carrying out the testing. ISO is one of the most important accreditations for DNA testing laboratories and it is an international accreditation which applies world wide.

There are other local accreditations which you can also look out for. In Canada, the Standards Council of Canada (SCC) is important to look out for if you are seeking to do an immigration test. The Standards Council of Canada (SCC) must approve the tests carried out by a given company. If not, the results cannot be accepted by the Canadian authorities as proof of relationship.

Different tests will also cost different prices. The more people take part in the test the more expensive the test becomes. The type of sample you decide to use might also change the costs. Therefore, what starts off as a cheap paternity test might end up not being so cheap after all once you start testing more people and using DNA samples other than the standard oral swab samples usually used for a DNA test.

An accredited cheap paternity test

Doing a test with an accredited laboratory will not necessarily mean the test is more expensive. This is far from the truth. You will find cheap paternity testing carried out in accredited laboratories if you shop around well and take a few extra seconds to breeze through the company websites. If they do have an accreditation, it will be somewhere within easy view – you should spot it fairly quickly.

There are other ISO accreditations but these are not designated for laboratories but rather for offices- keep an eye out. If you need more information about cheap paternity testing Contact Us.


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