Mouth swabs are cotton or polyester tipped sterile applicator which has various uses within the field of medicine. In the DNA testing, we talk about oral or buccal swabs which are applicators used to rapidly collect DNA samples from the inside of the mouth. The procedure is absolutely painless and non invasive and involves rubbing the swab on the inner cheeks of the mouth to collect cells containing the DNA which will then be analysed. There are no risks involved with type of sample collection making it the preferred method in most types of DNA testing. Unlike conventional blood tests, mouth swabs are painless and equally accurate. The mouth swabs are provided in the home-kit which most DNA testing companies provide. Our Sample Collection guide provides more information regarding swabs.It is very important to follow instructions carefully when collecting saliva samples. Oral swabs are extremely easy to use and will provide good results in the laboratory provided you follow a few basic tips and guidelines. For example, allowing the swabs to dry after having collected the saliva is important as there could be some fungal spores on them which will germinate if they remain humid. Germinated spores could affect the DNA in the sample. You can read more tips to follow if you intent carrying out a DNA test with oral swabs.


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