EasyDNA Canada offers reliable and affordable DNA paternity testing. With offices in Toronto, (Ontario) EasyDNA is your local provider of DNA tests. The cost of our paternity test in Canada is $249.

Home and Legal DNA Paternity Testing in Canada

DNA paternity tests can establish, with scientific accuracy, whether an alleged father is the real biological father of a child. DNA test results are highly accurate and confidential. This test requires you to collect the necessary DNA samples using a home kit. This will be sent to the address you specify as soon as your order is confirmed.

Our Home kits can be sent anywhere in Canada including the provinces of Quebec, Ontario, British Colombia, Alberta and the North West Territories.

Whilst the home tests offer the advantage of collecting DNA samples in the ease and comfort of your own home, the results of the test will unlikely be viable to use for legal purposes.  If you need to use your results in court you will need a legal DNA test. The sample collection procedure is different; in fact, it is often a neutral third party sampler such as a medical practitioner or other professional who is required to collect and verify the DNA samples.

Results of a legal DNA test can be used in court cases involving child custody, alimony payments and changing the name on a birth certificate.

Information about Toronto

Toronto is Canada’s largest city, and the state capital of Ontario. Boasting a population of over 2.5 million it is the fifth most populated municipality in North America and at the heart of the Greater Toronto Area. Considered a global city, Toronto is Canada’s economic capital and one of the world’s top financial centers. A clean environment, low crime rates and a high standard of living, all make Toronto one of the world’s best cities to live in, and with such a cosmopolitan and international society, Toronto is the most popular destination for people immigrating to Canada.

At easyDNA Canada we can organize your DNA testing needs anywhere inside and outside Canada.
Discuss or Order a Paternity Test in Toronto

easyDNA Canada have offices in Toronto. Feel free to Contact Us to discuss you DNA testing requirement with someone or alternatively, Request a Free Call


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