The 4 groups tested include:

Our ancestral DNA originates from 4 major groups. Our DNA test will provide a percentage showing which of 4 groups your DNA most closely matches. The test analyses what we call Biogenetic markers to see with which ancestral groups you share more common genetic markers.


  • Indigenous American: Population group who migrated to inhabit North, South and Central America
  • European: Includes Europeans, Middle Easterners and South Asians
  • East Asian: Includes the Japanese, Chinese, Koreans and Pacific Islanders
  • Sub-Saharan African: Population group of people with roots in the Sub-Saharan region of Africa

Results of your ancestry test

Results for this test will be displayed in a table. The table shows the following:
Bar Graph: This shows your ancestral groups in terms of your highest genetic affiliation.
Table Report: This simply lists percentages clearly showing how much DNA you share with the 4 important groups tested. The percentages you see will show a clear estimate of your genetic ancestry.

A note about physical appearance and your ancestry: To share certain physical traits with a given group, scientists estimate you should have somewhere between 30-35% of your DNA in common with that group. The number of genes responsible for physical characteristics is actually very few compared to the huge number of genes forming the entire human genome. This means that in order to exhibit characteristics from a given group, you would need to share a considerable number of genes.

Click here to read A Beginner’s Guide to DNA Ancestry Testing which compares the different types of ancestry DNA tests we offer.

This DNA test can indeed reveal some surprises. You might find that most of your DNA belongs to a group with which you did not even imagine you had a strong genetic affiliation.

About the test

Our test is priced at just $219 and results will be ready in 6 weeks from the moment we receive your samples.
The price includes your sample collection kit, your very own Personalized Certificate PDF, and a results manual. DNA sample collection is quick, painless and easy. Our kits are packed with 4 oral swabs. The swabs need to be rubbed inside the mouth for ten seconds and then left to dry. Once you have done this, send them back to us for testing. It is that easy.
AncestrybyDNA™ is a good place to start when investigating your ancestry. If you want go deeper and take your ancestry research further, you can then opt for more in depth tests which can reveal other aspects of your ancestry such as our maternal lineage test and paternity lineage test.

More tests to reveal your ancestry

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