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Michael Girgenti Paternity Test

Michael Girgenti Paternity Test

Kourtney Kardashian’s X-lover Michael Girgenti has recently taken a paternity test to determine whether the he is the biological father of Kourtney’s child. He is the one who has in fact demanded the test, believing the child to be his. However, the child could well have been fathered by Kourtney’s long time boyfriend, Scott Disick.

23 year old Michael Girgenti, model and rapper, claims to have spent a night of passion with Kourtney and there thus, could be a chance that the child was conceived on that night. Michael and Kourtney had met on a shoot to film the second season of the popular reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians back in 2008. Kourtney was away from her long time boyfriend Scott Disick.

Kourtney is the daughter of a well-know lawyer, Robert Kardashian, who represented OJ Simpson in his murder trial.

It is nowadays common for people to need a paternity DNA test. Many men are questioning their paternity and the role they have played in their child’s conception. Before DNA testing, it was difficult to conclusively determine whether an alleged father was truly the biological father of a child, but using contemporary DNA testing methodology, it is highly accurate and reliable.

Kourtney’s child, named mason, would need to have DNA samples taken as would Girgenti. DNA samples for a paternity DNA test are in the vast bulk of cases using mouth swabs. Swabs can simply be rubbed inside the mouth to collect cheek cells and then sent off for laboratory analysis. Paternity tests can show with 99.99% probability whether the tested man is the biological father of a child; if he is not the father, he will be excluded with 100% probability. The DNA test would show whether Scott was the father or Girgenti if both fathers are tested. If onle one father is tested, then it is by simple process of elimination; if the tested alleged dad is proved by the DNA test not to be the biological dad, then the biological dad must be the other untested father.

Most recent 2013 updates on Kourtney and Micheal 

The couples have worked together on an extensive portfolio of fashion shoots. The model has now remade an appearance pushing forward paternity claims. He is sure that Mason is his biological son following the one night stand the two had, in which he also claims they had unprotected sex. It seems however, the Kardashian star has been unresponsive to his attempts to open communication with her over this issue of paternity. On her end, she is sure who the father of her baby is. For Girgenti, things are different. The resemblance he sees between himself and little Mason is what spurred him to open this can. He is hopeful that a DNA test will be carried out soon to clarify this. 

This is yet another paternity issue to strike the Kardashian family not long after the whole episode about Khloe hit the news. Whatever the case, Girgenti is willing to take the DNA test whilst Kourtney is not. She denies the two ever had sex so accepting to take a DNA test would mean she had been lying all along. Her choice to refuse a DNA test means she is sticking to her claims that the two did no more than a photo shoot. 

But will Scott take a paternity test?  Has he had any doubts whatsoever as to whether or not he is the father of little Mason? It seems the guy will be taking a paternity test to prove to everyone he is the father and extinguish all the media hype.  

Paternity test feature often amongst celebrities. This case involving Michael Girgenti and Kourtney Kardashian is just one of the many celebrity paternity tests which have appeared in the tabloids.

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